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Silver Lake Animal Hospital
Affordable Animal Hospital

Affordable Animal Hospital

- Kind and Quality Care at a Fair Price -

At Affordable Animal Hospital Silver Lake, we understand the deep bond between you and your pet. Pets are an important part of your life, and a member of your family. You care about your pet's health and well-being. When your pet is feeling sick or suffers an injury, you need the best veterinary care Silver Lake has to offer.

Silver Lake Animal Hospital

At Affordable Animal Hospital Silver Lake, we understand how you feel about your pets, and we treat them with the level of care an important member of your family deserves.

We use state-of-the art equipment and tried-and-true products in our facility, and we custom-tailor the most effective treatment approach for each of our furry patients.

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We provide a range of preventative services for ill or injured animals at a reasonable price.

Silver Lake Animal Hospital
Silver Lake Animal Hospital

Urgent Care Veterinary Services Caring, dedicated, trained

The same as people, pets sometimes need medical care on an urgent basis. If your pet suffers a serious injury in an accident or suddenly becomes seriously ill, you need access to quality veterinary urgent care.

We understand how important your pet is to you and your family, and we are here to provide non-emergency veterinary urgent care when you need us.

Our facility is fully equipped to provide X-rays and other testing to assist in diagnosing your pet’s condition. Our Silver Lake veterinarians are highly trained in cutting edge surgical techniques and in safely administering anesthesia for your pet’s comfort, and your peace of mind. If your pet is obviously injured or exhibiting symptoms that concern you, contact us for the high quality urgent care your best friend deserves.

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The Importance of Dental Care for Your Pet

Silver Lake Animal Hospital | Veterinarian Silver Lake

Teeth Cleaning and Extraction Services for Cats and Dogs

We often look at our pets with some envy for their seemingly carefree lives. As you head off to face the challenges of another workday, you catch a glimpse of a furry friend who is obviously not affected by any of the world’s problems.

In many ways, that may be true. However, there are problems that may be affecting your pet’s life that you are not able to see, and chief among them are dental issues.

A Common Problem

Almost all pets develop dental issues as they age, as is the case with humans. In fact, four out of five pets that are more than three years old have some form of gum disease.

At Affordable Animal Hospital in Silver Lake, we work to help pet owners understand the importance of dental care, and the positive impact it can have on a pet’s health. We offer a full range of dental services, from cleaning to extraction, that can keep your dog or cat’s mouth in good shape.

Issues You May Not Notice

If your pet injures a leg, you won’t have any trouble noticing that something is wrong. However, you’re probably not in the habit of examining your pet’s teeth – and even if you do take the occasional peek it’s not likely that you would have a clear idea of exactly what you’re seeing.

It’s vital to have your pet’s mouth checked by a professional. This is the only way to catch dental problems in their early stages of development and to be able to address them before they become significant sources of pain to your pet.

A Wise Investment

This is an investment that will bring returns in more ways than one. You’ll not only have a happier, healthier pet – you’ll also avoid the need for invasive procedures that can be required once a major problem has developed.

Affordable Animal Hospital

Our Mission: Restoring Pet Health

Kind and Quality Care at a Fair Price

At Affordable Animal Hospital Silver lake, we understand that for pet owners, their pets are like members of the family who deserve to be treated with kindness and to receive the best in caring treatment. We believe in treating our patients as we would our own pets. Our purpose is to provide high quality, compassionate veterinary care for pets at a reasonable price, and to help keep the animal population healthy and strong.

Our veterinary team is composed of animal lovers who are dedicated to helping pets live a healthier, happier, longer life. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff, the excellence of our service, and the results we produce for our patients.

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