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Losing a pet can be a traumatic experience for both you and for your animal friend. Your pet belongs with you, and you want to do everything possible to ensure your friend’s safe return in case you have the bad luck of becoming separated.

The good news is that an ASPCA survey found that the majority of dogs and cats reported lost in the U.S. are returned safely to their homes. To increase the odds of a safe return, ASPCA recommends that your pet should be microchipped and wear an ID collar with clear contact information.


What is Microchipping?

A pet microchip is a tiny radio frequency ID transponder no larger than a grain of rice, implanted under the fur between your pet’s shoulder blades. Its function is to store a unique identification number that can be used to retrieve your contact information if your pet is ever lost.

The chip emits a radiofrequency signal when a scanner is passed over it, and the scanner reads the ID code. The microchip registry uses the ID number to retrieve your contract information from a database. All animal shelters and animal control facilities have scanners for reading pet microchips.

How are Microchips Inserted?

The procedure for implanting a microchip is painless for your pet. Implanting a microchip doesn't require your pet to undergo anesthesia or post-operative care. What happens is that the tiny microchip is directly inserted in skin between your pet's shoulder blades. The microchip will stay in place the rest of your pet's life.

Benefits of Microchipping

Microchipping is the best way to increase the odds of a safe return should your pet go missing. There are many reasons to microchip your pet, including:

  • Procedure is painless with no anesthesia or recovery.
  • Chip cannot be lost or damaged – it will remain in place for the remainder of your pet’s life.
  • The chip establishes that you are your pet’s legal owner.
  • If your pet ever becomes lost, a simple scan can make it possible for you to be reunited.

You and your best friend belong together. Contact Affordable Animal Hospital Silver Lake to schedule an appointment for microchipping your pet.

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